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It's like holding your breath for a minute.

If you haven't experienced that sensation, go ahead and try it now since you've got nothing to lose and it'll help you better understand the story.

That first twenty seconds is like a walk in the park. Like, gosh, I didn't know I was so gifted at holding my breath. I am the best.

Then about halfway through it, you start feeling a pressure, right? Not exactly a panic, but you are just waiting for the moment when you can just start breathing again-- like normal.

Just five seconds after that you start panicking a little. Oh, god it has only been five seconds… how am I going to handle twenty-five more seconds of this? Because now every second feels like your lungs are starting to collapse a little.

Every second is a struggle to not breathe, to go against nature just to reach an arbitrary goal of sixty seconds. And every second feels like an abomination; you shouldn't be feeling this pressure, you should be enjoying oxygen intake like a regular person.

And it feels like the last fifteen seconds of holding your breath is just you yelling in your head, "Why why why why why why why why…"

Then the phone rings ironically enough… And you can breathe again and it's deep and it's almost like you don't remember ever not breathing.

I've been waiting for your call like I've been holding my breath.
A super micro story just about a moment of anxiety with someone that you like... you might know the drill.
lookiebird Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
That's true. That is a good sketch.
HopelessCase Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
Wow half a year late but I just saw that comment! :) Thanks! Hope you're well!
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June 15, 2011
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